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Self-Esteem Tips with Susan Miner

Susan Miner Elle US ModelDear Susan, I support myself as a model and have been able to save a little bit of money. That’s all great. But, I don’t look like the top supermodels. I spend a lot of time comparing myself to them. Then I feel awful about myself. How can I stop feeling so bad?

Answer: Honestly, comparing and despairing is a nightmare! One moment you’re proud of yourself for succeeding in the highly competitive field of modeling, the next you’re bummed that you don’t have lips like Adriana Lima or hair like Miranda Kerr.

We can only be the best us. I did a cover shoot for American Elle magazine with photographer Gilles Bensimon. I was booked in the morning and Elle Macpherson was booked in the afternoon. Well, I’ll tell you, when lunch time rolled around and Elle showed up I thought I was doomed. I thought, “I’ll never be chosen.” What’s worse, I began to feel uncomfortable about my body. If you don’t know, Elle McPherson was nicknamed the body. She has the most strikingly gorgeous body ever. My body, well, is perfectly fine till I start comparing and despairing. (more…)

Cotton Candy

An Editorial by Photographer Daryna Barykina

Each look was created using a combination of CAO Cosmetics foundation, concealer, dual lip/cheek color, Editorial, and High Fashion pallets along with Lit cosmetics and Rosebud Salve.

Daryna Barykina-Cotton Candy
Canvas was prepped with a natural loo using CAO Cosmetics Foundation Neutral 2, Neutral 4, concealer Ultra Light, Medium and Allure from the Dual lip/cheek color This was paired with a nude lip and transformed into a glossy red eye using Lava from the Editorial Pallet, topped with Rosebud Salve paired with Darling and Allure from the Dual Lip/Cheek pallet to create the coral lip.

Daryna Barykina-Cotton Candy
From look two, our beautiful canvas was transformed into a dark sultry contrasting eye using, Cosmos from the Editorial pallet as our contour and Wicked from the High Fashion pallet as our highlight, topped with Lit cosmetics glitter in Blanc. This look was paired with a soft nude lip. (more…)

Modeling in Seoul Korea

megan lessard

Photo by Cassie Peech

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I am leaving for Seoul, Korea. So much can happen in a month.

A month ago I was in New York City with my wonderful friend Cassie Peech. We walk and walk and walk all over the city and shot in amazing locations. It was my first time in the city and yes I want to go back. It was fashion week. I loved seeing the paparazzi going crazy around everyone. I did not attempt to walk a show. I am only 5’8”. Know where your market is and runway is not my place. Most runway models are at least 5’10”. So, I did what I do well. I am a print model.

When I got back I was told by my wonderful agent that I am going on model placement to Seoul Korea. This is not so simple. I needed to renew my passport. That was a day trip to Miami. That was sent. The contract was reviewed over 3 weeks. Did I say I have a wonderful Mother agent? This is her job. She protects me. Do not hate but dieting is huge while waiting. If my measurements change more than 2cm I can be sent home. They do not mess around.

After the contract is set and my measurements are sent and approved we had a work visa application to deal with. Now I wait. What is next? Well, I hope it is a plane ticket.

I the meantime, the pictures from New York are awesome. I was also published with my friend Fox Harvard. Stay tuned because I will most likely post here while I am on the other side of the world.

The Patient Traveler


After 4 months of waiting, calling and submitting endless forms and emails, I have finally received my passport with my new visa back.

After one of the most patience and faith tested day trips from Peterborough to Brampton, stuck in the most horrendous traffic that delayed us down to the last 5 minutes of our journey. It was nothing but sweaty palms and silent heavy breathing from my counter part and I.

With literally a minute to spare I ran to the front doors of building 10, frantically searching for any indication of the floor I was headed to.
Once spotted, I took off running into the building, tore up the stairs, spun in a circle out of confusion and entered the doors to the hallowed BLS doors. The office was cold and sterile and was completely empty. Out of breath I began scanning the room for a face and before I knew it. I was informing the friendly staff that I was there to pick up my passport. (more…)

Clarissa on Castings


How to Prepare for a Casting and What to Expect

As with all things in life, you want to put your best foot forward when attending a casting call. You only get one chance to make a first impression and you want it to be a good one so that you will be hired!
Every casting is different and I can say from personal experience that however you are picturing it to go in your head, is likely not how it will go. Although every casting is unique, the majority will follow a basic guideline.

In general, you will show up looking sleek and professional (which we will go over in more detail below) and there will usually be a place for you to sign in and put down contact information. Then you will wait until the company/agency/etc. you are auditioning for is ready to see you. Depending on the job you are applying for, what comes next will differ. If you are attending a casting for a runway show, you can expect to be asked to show your runway walk, just as if you are auditioning for a commercial, it may be requested of you to read lines and at times you may be asked to try on a sample garment. Once this audition process is done, you will typically be free to go! (more…)

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