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Thoughts on Bullying

So I bet you think this blog will be about why I am back from Korea early. It is not. I am actually saving that story for later. It is a very interesting story.

I actually want to talk about something really important. I keep reading posts about the model who wrote a strong nasty letter about Kendall Jenner. I have so much to say about this. First, any bullying is unacceptable. I do mean ANY. I do not care who the person is. If you do not want to be around the person simple walk away or ignore them. Any type of action that intentionally makes someone feel less than they should is not acceptable.

I really do not care that KJ is rich or from a family that is famous (I have no idea why these people are famous. Intellectually it just hurts my brain that people can and do become famous for certain reasons. ). Did she pay people to get jobs? Did her family pay people? Did her family use connections to get her work? I really do not care. I think the main point is she does fit the measurements. She is qualified to do the job. However she got the job is not important.

Using the fame to get a job is nothing new. This is the way it is people. No one hates on Cindy Crawford or her daughter who is a young model. Could she get jobs without her famous Mom? Maybe. The reality is her image will sell things. That is the job. That is why we model. We sell things. If my image makes you want to buy the clothes or an item I am holding than I have done my job.
Should you have to start from the bottom and work years to get a big modeling job? NO! If you can bypass the difficult parts of breaking into an industry then I say go for it.

I have been really lucky that I have very few bullies in the industry. I can count them on 1 hand. I have many more supporters. I choose to focus my attention on people’s positives and not the negative. I have had my share of bullies when I was in school. What I do have is an incredibly supportive manager. I have the best friends a girl could want and believe it or not many of them are models. We can and do support each other. We get it. We are each other’s cheerleaders. On that note the picture with this post is the night I landing in Orlando from Seoul. I was met at the airport by my sister and my amazing friend Angelise who is a model. Her being there meant everything to me.

Model Megan Lessard

Have a safe holiday season!



We got t-shirts!!

This business is nuts, and I haven’t been one of the lucky ones to be in the mall and get “discovered”. I have worked my butt off. Finally things are coming together and I am very excited to be getting credit for it! My IMBD has finally been verifying my work and things are showing up. For those who do know what an IMBD is, it is Internet Movie Database, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Every movie lists its crew and actors and when searching actors it will tell you everything they have worked on that has been credited. It is a working tool in an actor’s world, and great for anyone searching information about a movie or show.

Check out my link: imdb.me/hunterdenoyelles

Now to be on here, it has to be verified that you have had a part on a movie or show. A few things I have done do not show up because I was just an extra. Like “Magic Mike XXL” yep you heard me, I am a very luck girl for 3 days(14-16 hour days). I got to sit in glory and watch all the stars show off their “Magic”. Now there were 500+ extras on some days, most extras were not paid for this, I had submitted pics and resume and was lucky to be one of the selected few who actually was paid, which honestly I would of done it for free!! When Channing Tatum came up behind me and grabbed my waist, I thought I died and went to heaven!! Not going to lie I had a fan girl moment.. It was AMAZING!! I cannot begin to express how everyone has to go see this movie!! (more…)

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