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First of Many Trips!

Hello everyone. I apologize I have been crazy and have gotten a little behind so I am gonna take it back a bit. SO last blog I told you about going to Atlanta to work on a major motion picture. I can now share a bit of that with you. The movie is called “Insurgent” and if anyone doesn’t recognize the title right off, it is the second book/movie from “Divergent”! Yes I am so thrilled. I had cast and was selected for a featured part in the Candor faction. My first days back in June were shot with Shailene Woodley and Theo James, just to name a couple. I have to say they are pretty amazing. I learned so much and am truly humbled from the experience. I can’t go into a lot of detail about the movie, but I will tell you it is a must see!! My first trip up I worked 8 days on set. I will share a little more about that later since it was one of 2 trips I made to be a part of the movie.

Also included in my first trip, I also set up appointments to go in and talk to talent/modeling agencies there. I had set up 3 interviews with top agents in hopes of finding representation is the growing Georgia market. Now, I have shared the hard truth about my agency experiences in Miami and California. Now let’s talk about Atlanta. First interview said I had to be there by 3pm. I went and signed in, a little nervous because next interview was at 4pm. First one there were a few other girls there, we sat and sat. Finally at 3:40, they came out handed us a paper with name and information, told us to all stand up in a line, and walk together to the other side of the room. We did, they said “thank you, we will call you if we are interested in seeing you again.” Hummmm ok. Since I was in a hurry I rushed out to next meeting.

Photo by Carlos Velez & HMUA Ali Lee

Photo by Carlos Velez & HMUA Ali Lee

I signed in, the girl handed me a piece of paper to fill out, had me stand up take a polaroid, asked if I had a swimsuit underneath (which I try to always be prepared) then took a polaroid in swimsuit and said “thank you”. Wait a minute, I was not letting this happen again. I took my portfolio, headshot with resume out and I handed it to her. She looked at me and I said. “I know you want to see this”. A little startled she said ok, flipped through a couple pages and asked if she could take it to the back. Darn right she can, this is why I am here!! She came back and got me and I went to talk to the owners and bookers. They were fine, not real warm and fuzzy but nice asked me a bunch of questions and said they would be calling me once they discussed and looked over things more. Well. That was interesting but I was tired and had another interview the next day. SO I brushed it off and got up next morning and headed to see Atlanta Models and Talent. This was the agency I wanted and was more nervous because they are bigger and I wasn’t sure what to expect this time. Started off a little slow, did my paperwork, and they asked to look at my book, asked questions on my resume, we had a great conversation about the industry and really got to know each other…. And very honored to now be a part of Atlanta Models and Talent Agency. When the second agency called me, I was very glad to say no thank you. I had found my new home, and this is going to be an exciting ride.


Here I want to stress to you, sometimes you don’t get a second chance to be sure you are noticed, sometimes you just have to grab that opportunity. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But if you don’t try it for sure never will. SO GO FOR IT! For now, I finished all my shooting days for this trip and headed back to Orlando, but not for long!

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The Camera Doesn’t Have to Add 10 Pounds

Clarissa Bowers

Photo by Cody Law

That title sounded too good to be true, right? Wrong…

Male or female, having a healthy and toned body is an important aspect of being model. That being said, even the most fit models have been snapped in a photo where they have fallen victim to the camera’s added weight.

Here are some tips for putting your best angle forward on set:

1) False Waist
We all have that one oversized dress in our closet that looks like it belongs to our Grandma. Jazz it up if you are going to wear it. Pair it with a belt around your waist to synch it in, and it becomes a whole new outfit. Another trick – your hands can give you the exact same effect no matter what you’re wearing! By placing your hands on your waist and gently pushing in, you can take a few extra inches off your waist!

2) Create Separation
Avoid having any limbs pushed on one another. Remember when we were kids and would push the baby fat up on our arms to make it look like our muscles were bigger than they were? Well now want the opposite effect! By creating a small window of space between say your arms and your torso, or just by spreading your thighs apart a little, you can avoid any bunching of skin that we love to hide and the camera loves to highlight.

3) Know Your Lighting
Always be looking for the light, whether it’s coming from the sun or artificial lighting inside. Most of us know that finding the light can highlight aspects of our body and face, and give us that special twinkle in our eye. To combat the 10 lbs. the camera can add however; we want to focus on where the light isn’t. Where there is not light, there is shadow, which is extremely helpful for making your body look more sculpted on camera. If there is a certain part of your body you’d like to minimize, angle it away from the light to create a shadow. If there’s an aspect of your body you’d like to maximize, angle it towards the light.

4) Elongate
Whether you are 5’2″ or 6’2″, this applies to you! Always try to elongate your limbs. Don’t strain yourself, but stretch your neck nice and high. Get on the tips of your toes and think lengthy and graceful thoughts. If it feels a bit awkward, not painful, but odd, that just means you’re doing it right!

5) Lifestyle
Last but absolutely not least, is what you do off set; living a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to starve yourself if you are not among the metabolically gifted! Stay active and make smart choices in the kitchen. If you combine this healthy lifestyle with the above tips and tricks, you will be looking your best in front of the camera in no time!

Interview with Sona Holiday

Sona Holiday Band Interview

Slenderbread: In simple words, can you describe Sona Holiday and your musical style?
Sona Holiday: The five of each have a wide variety of musical influences. Sona
Holiday’s style came out as our own blend of Indie, Pop & rock.

SB: How did Sona Holiday originally come together?
SH: Ali Tamposi, Jasmine’s aunt suggested that Jasmine should get a band
together. With the help of Mr. Arcadapane, (Jasmines former 4th grade
teacher and the owner of the local music store FS Music) the band
members were introduced. His son Sam Arcadapane is a drummer and was a
perfect fit for the band. The key board player Karl Osterich was just
recovering from a severe auto accident and broken neck when Jasmine’s
parents met him while he was playing blues piano at a local restaurant,
appearing like Johnny Depp in Edward Scissors hand with a neck brace.
Ironically he was an employee of the local music store and a perfect fit
for the band. Mr. Arcadapane also knew a bass player, Joey Morrow and he
decided to bring his friend Drew Finney, a guitar player along for a
ride to the audition. And as they say things in life happen for a
reason, they did and a great band and friendship was formed.

SB: How did you come up with the band name?
SH: The name has a secret meaning and we all promised to never leak it.. (more…)

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