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Speaking my Truth

Jill De Jong Model

I’m a giver and a pleaser, I like to help, support and to say yes to everything that comes my way.  It’s my gift that I love sharing but I’ve experienced  that my gift can also become a burden if I let it go to an extreme. That’s what happened to me a few weeks ago;

I was exhausted and  felt overwhelmed just looking at my to-do lists. I even felt anxious thinking about going to the supermarket, that’s when I knew something was wrong, I usually love doing groceries.

I had to give myself permission to take a step back  and ask myself what I needed to feel better. I realized I needed to work less, exercise and spend time alone and that’s what I did. For a week I did half the work I usually do, I did many yoga classes  and spend time by myself. That’s when I reconnected with my truth; I had been taking on too many commitments; work, study and social. I was doing too many things I wasn’t excited about and had to say ‘no” to them.  At first I was a bit scared to speak my truth, scared of it not being accepted and for others to judge it.

But when I spoke my truth something magical happened; there was no judgement there was understanding and acceptance.It was if the power went back on; energy rushed back into my body and I felt in charge again. I practice this now every day and it’s a powerful tool to feel free and happy!




The more confidently you speak your truth, the more accepting people will be and the more you will feel it yourself. Try it!

Jill De Jong, Models Do Eat

Ready, Set, Action!

Photo by Ashley Holloway & HMUA Darlina Conto

Photo by Ashley Holloway & HMUA Darlina Conto

I have just gotten back from my second trip to Atlanta, this time I was away from home for 3 weeks! I have never been away from my family for that long and it was a little difficult, but it was unbelievable! I knew when I left before I would be back for Insurgent that was part of my original booking, and I was dying to get back on it. On my first trip I had made some incredible new friendships and was happy to be able to see them again. Unfortunately I am sure you have all heard the modeling and acting businesses 50% talent and 50% who you know. So keep that in mind with the paths you cross. So what did I do this time? Glad you asked…

My first 3 days back I was booked to be featured in the new “Ride Along 2” movie with Ice cube, Kevin Heart, Olivia Munn and Benjamin Pratt. My scenes were filmed with all 4 and it was incredible watching them work. It was so cool we shot in a 15 million dollar mansion, not too shabby. But I did shoot 12 hour days that were night shoots. I got no sleep in 3 days, I actually shot 12 hours, went back to my place to shower and change, went to a look book casting, and then another casting for a catalog shoot and had 1 ½ hours to be back on set after I drove all over Atlanta. I actually pulled up in parking and closed my eyes for 30 minutes before heading to set. It was nice though I had met people from my first time that were on set and that made it so nice. So as I was saying about meeting people, so I was getting my production calls from “Ride Along 2” and the head of production was someone from here in Orlando that I had worked with before. Small world.. After my 3 days shooting I had 2 photo shoots for editorials. One was a 3 hour drive away almost to Alabama, but I can’t wait to show you the pictures! I actually had 1 day off and started my last 5 days of “Insurgent” again FANTASTIC… I didn’t want it to end. Now we are up to my 2nd week both films have wrapped. AND….I get asked to both wrap parties! OMG it was so cool. Funny thing they were both at bowling allies. It was great so relaxed and everyone having a blast. I truly made such amazing new friends.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 3.40.22 PM

My Atlanta agency wanted new headshots. They set me up with a photographer and to my surprise, my agent/booker was at the shoot. This was great I have never had an agent go to a shoot. Plus being new to the agency it was even more special for the time to get to know her better. Her time spent with me was much appreciated. I can’t wait to share the new headshots when I get them. Finishing up my 3 weeks, I shot 2 nights on the new vh1 series “Hindsight” now I was just an extra in a scene and you probably won’t even see me. But I enjoyed it and make new contacts. The morning I left I had a meeting with a gentleman that could be a life changer, keep your fingers crossed!

I have been asked a lot of questions lately and I love it and appreciate it. I am going to dedicate next couple blogs to trying to answer some questions and comments. SO please keep reading. I appreciate your time and comments.

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Travelling Internationally

Susan Miner BeautyDear Susan, I have a direct booking to Milan from New York. The airline ticket arrived today with my schedule. (The hours are long and I have several fittings.) My boyfriend really wants to go with me. Can I do that? I would just see him after work. What do you think?
— Signed, Italy Here I (We) Come

Answer: Ah, you and your honey feeding the birds in front of the Duomo (Gothic Milan Cathedral). Sharing a meal in a classic piazza (public square) restaurant. Sounds delightful, but the birds descending upon you will be pigeons and just try getting a plant based low calorie meal in Milan!

My first response is make it “Italy Here I Come.” You are a professional model. The fact that you are being flown all the way across the Atlantic means the job is important to the client. They will be expecting a lot from you. Showing up with your boyfriend may irritate them.

Now, let’s consider you in this scenario. You will be, what I refer to as, ‘on’ all day- on your feet, on your game, on your top performance. At the end of each day you’ll be pooped while your honey will be raring to go. It’s not the most glamorous thing, but I spent most evenings gently removing my make-up, re-doing my manicure, and getting to bed early. You should be doing the same to ensure you’re refreshed and ready for the next day’s shoot. (more…)

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