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We got t-shirts!!

This business is nuts, and I haven’t been one of the lucky ones to be in the mall and get “discovered”. I have worked my butt off. Finally things are coming together and I am very excited to be getting credit for it! My IMBD has finally been verifying my work and things are showing up. For those who do know what an IMBD is, it is Internet Movie Database, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Every movie lists its crew and actors and when searching actors it will tell you everything they have worked on that has been credited. It is a working tool in an actor’s world, and great for anyone searching information about a movie or show.

Check out my link: imdb.me/hunterdenoyelles

Now to be on here, it has to be verified that you have had a part on a movie or show. A few things I have done do not show up because I was just an extra. Like “Magic Mike XXL” yep you heard me, I am a very luck girl for 3 days(14-16 hour days). I got to sit in glory and watch all the stars show off their “Magic”. Now there were 500+ extras on some days, most extras were not paid for this, I had submitted pics and resume and was lucky to be one of the selected few who actually was paid, which honestly I would of done it for free!! When Channing Tatum came up behind me and grabbed my waist, I thought I died and went to heaven!! Not going to lie I had a fan girl moment.. It was AMAZING!! I cannot begin to express how everyone has to go see this movie!!

I have been so busy, videoing and submitting weekly for many roles. Getting some, not getting a lot, and getting different roles sometimes than originally cast for. I cast for one roll on “The Originals” but was selected for a different role. The role of a lunatic witch! It was so cool, and I am keeping my fingers crossed it may be recurring. I worked on my favorite show “Vampire Diaries” Just a featured role as a waitress, not a main character, but it was great. And YES…everyone on that show is beautiful and handsome and great!! I played the role of a cheerleader (that was easy seeing how I did that for 9 years and I even got to show off my tumbling skills) on the new movie filming “The 5th wave” with the incredible Chloë Grace Moretz. What an honor, she is such a young great actress. And I made some incredible friends on the new “Vacation” movie. Loved working with Ed Helms and Christina Applegate. I learned so much just watching their unbelievable natural talent, and Skyler Gisondo he is my new buddy!!

Our Wardrobe for Vacation

Our Wardrobe for Vacation

Still gotta keep working hard, these were nice credited featured roles, but I am ready for more. I have to keep taking acting classes and working hard. But nothing is impossible. Hope you catch some of the episodes or movies I am in. There are really long days, lots of work, but memories that will be remembered forever.

Thanks for following, I never know what the next chapter in this book is going to bring, but glad you are sharing it with me!!!

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NEXT Model Hailey Outland

The Luck of the Draw: Hailey’s Big Break

How did high school girl Hailey Outland make her big break into NEXT Management in Miami without having any prior experience or even having professional photos in her portfolio? We asked her and her signing agent, Hannah, what made them connect with each other and what gave this fresh girl the edge that she needed to get signed with a big agency.

NEXT on Signing Hailey

SB: What made you want to sign Hailey with NEXT?
NEXT: I saw Hailey in the lobby of the agency when she came in for open call, and I did a double take. When I brought her in to meet the booking table, she lit up the room with her smile. She has the freshest energy and already knew how to pose! We fell in love with her and without hesitation offered her a contract. Without even having a professional photo shoot in her portfolio, she booked Abercrombie and Fitch.

SB: How often does it happen that you have brand new, hopeful models come to the casting that you want to immediately sign?
NEXT: It is rare… Rarely does a girl walk in that’s “ready to go”. She could have braces, be out of shape, skin problems…Hailey walked in like a model, ready to go.

SB: What was it that made Abercrombie and Fitch want to book her without even having a portfolio?
NEXT: Abercrombie tends to book young, fresh, energetic all American girls.
She has a fresh and perfect smile with adorable freckles that Abercrombie loved.
Nowadays some clients will book just off digital snap shots that we take in the agency, this was the case with Hailey and Abercrombie.

Interview with Hailey Outland

SB: How long have you been modeling?
HO: Not long at all! I actually just started the beginning of May. I did one job before I signed and it was for a local online boutique called Hautemiss and the only reason I got that was because my friends sister was the one who ran the site.

SB: What initially inspired you to seek out modeling as a profession?
HO: Well, people always told me that I should go for it so I finally took the chance and just did it. The more and more I saw my friend and model Hunter [Denoyelles] always posting stuff the more I wanted to listen to everyone and just do it.

SB: You are currently signed with NEXT models in Miami. How many agencies did you reach out to before you were signed with them?
HO: They were actually the first and only agency I met with!

SB: How did the casting/scouting process go for you with NEXT? Were they nice/intense? Was it easy/hard?
HO: The process was so much fun! Hunter and I pulled into the parking garage, and I changed into a dress and wedges, brushed my hair and went in for the open call! The first person I met was Hannah and she was so nice! They made it so easy for me, and they could tell I was nervous, so they made me as comfortable as possible.

SB: What was the hardest thing for you to overcome at the NEXT casting?
HO: At the open call I was sitting in the lobby with about 6 other girls who were super skinny, tan, and beautiful that all came in together and seemed perfect for the agency so I was terrified sitting next to them because I didn’t have a very good portfolio and they kept staring at me like I was a fish out of water! But I ended up being the one that they signed that day!

SB: What was it about NEXT that made them a good fit for you?
HO: They were just so understanding about my schedule for school and they were just so nice to me. They made sure to walk me through everything I needed to know!

SB: Did you do much research about modeling and modeling agencies before you signed with them?
HO: No, I didn’t do much research because Hunter taught me everything I needed to know! She pretty much took me under her wing.

SB: How many shoots have you been on since signing with the agency, and which one was your favorite and why?
HO: So far I have had 3 test shoots, and I’ve had 2 direct bookings with Abercrombie & Fitch and Walmart! My favorite was for sure Abercrombie because it was my first time traveling anywhere alone!

SB: What is the last thing you do before you go to bed at night?
HO: The last thing I do before I go to bed is I make sure I call my boyfriend, and I go through all of my social media!

SB: What is the first thing you do when you roll out of bed in the morning?
HO: I go straight to the kitchen and see what’s in the fridge!

SB: What is your most favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
HO: My green H&M dress that’s a little bit past my knees! I was so lucky to get it because it sold out so fast! I had to go to 2 different locations to find it!

SB: What is your dream job/client?
HO: My dream job is just like every other girls.. to be able to be a Victorias secret Angel.

SB: Where would you like to be five years from today?
HO: I would like to be modeling and start settling down!

Acting in Atlanta


My new agency had sent me a few scripts to tape for auditions while I was in Orlando. For those not so familiar with the acting world, now most of the time your first time auditioning for a part will be sent in through video submission. This is a nationwide thing. The first time a casting director will see you for a part is through something that you self-tape of have someone tape for you. Your agent will sent you lines or scripts that you must prepare on tape to see if the casting director feels you are right to come in for a reading. It is good and bad, if you are in Orlando and want to be considered for a part in California it is nice you can tape and see if they are even considering you before you go all the way there, bad thing, you only get to do it one time, and it is how you take on the lines, how you interoperate it. So you do not get any direction or idea of how they want it done. So that is a little difficult.

Your modeling pictures are very different than your acting headshots. You don’t have an entire portfolio, you have an 8×10 headshot with a resume on back! That’s it. I do have a couple of different ones just depending on the role. Example younger roles vs older.


I have been getting a lot of people asking why Atlanta, well Georgia is booming in the TV/ Film industry. Their state legislator passed a major tax insensitive to bring in production companies. Unlike Florida who has not passed any insensitive in a couple years and it shows in the major decline of show business in the state. Last year Georgia shot 158 TV and motion pictures in the state. As we speak 21 shows are in production, including many favorites such as Vampire Diaries, Originals, Constantine, Resurrection, and Walking Dead. Also movies such as Insurgent, Nice Guys, Vacation, Captain America, Triple Nine, and Magic Mike, just to tell you of a few. Now I am sure you get the idea why Georgia has is the place I am talking about!!

Even for the beginners there are so many shows you could work on even as an extra and gain knowledge and meet people. Before you go ragging on extras let me give you a little lesson on who all started as extras: Sylvester Stallone first job was an extra on a subway in a Woody Allen movie, Brad Pitt was a guy in a fight making $38 for his day in the movie Less than Zero, Megan Fox was girl dancing in a club in Bad Boyz 2, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne were extras, even Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were sitting in the stands in Field of Dreams so just to give you an idea if you are just getting stated and learning. There is nothing wrong with doing extra work, it is a great place to start, and there is a lot out there. If this is where your dream is, find out all you can and get active. There are so many possibilities out there, just become informed on what all is available. There is so much to learn, and there are different categories. Some are Principal-leads, supporting roles, featured roles and extras just to name a few. You all know I will be glad to help send you in the right direction if I can. Just message me. I don’t know a lot but I will always share what I have experienced.

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The Newest Ace Model

Megan LessardSo when are you actually a model? I mean really? I remember when I started people would ask me if I was REALLY a model. What does that mean? If you play soccer are you really a soccer player? At what point is someone a model?

At first I did a ton of free stuff and some not very good. I was modeling but I was still learning. After I got signed I was given direction. I became better. I booked runway and more runway. I started getting paid and getting published. I think that is when I really felt like a model. Yet, I still got questioned…

Now I am here in Seoul, Korea. I have a Visa and I am under contract with an agency and the title I have is International Model.

So the next time someone asks me the question are you REALLY a model, I will ask them what exactly IS a real model. Oh and by the way the answer is yes. I have been a real model for quite some time now.

On to other news.

So I signed with Ace Models and last I wrote I was waiting on my Visa to get my ticket. Well, I think modeling is similar to the military. You wait for your assignment and have no notice when you are leaving. I was given about 36 hours. Try packing for 3 months in a winter climate when you are from Florida. I think it ended up better that way. It was exciting and crazy and wild and exhausting.

I flew 20 hours. The plane actual flew over the arctic circle. The view was amazing. I think I slept 1 full hour. I was so tired and disoriented when I landed that I could not figure out the buses like the agency wanted so I just took a cab. They were not happy about that. I paid $100 for that ride.

The apartment is 3 bed 2 bath. It is a very typical Korean apartment. Small kitchen. Tiny bathrooms.

I spent the weekend sleeping. Starting Monday I was in the agency. They seemed so angry. I did not pose right. My measurements weren’t exact. I just kept going in 3 times a day and working on the poses. After a week we got to know each other and they were really cool. My poses were as they wanted. Ok, these are not our normal poses. Very commercial and very deliberate fast pace poses. If you can’t move they send you home. They want things a very specific way. Good news, I got it.

Second week and I start casting. I had 2 roommates. Anna is Ukrainian. She has worked all over the world. She is a sweetheart. Adrian is from Poland. He is a great guy. Loves to cook. He learned quickly that I eat leftovers. Sadly Anna left at the end of the week. The reality is this is a tough market. It is very hard to book. If you do not book after a period of time they will send you home. I guess they want to cut their losses. Anna was not booking but she also did not like it. So she wanted to leave. We are waiting on new roommates. I heard they are from Russia.

So there are things that are not easy here. The most difficult is that everyone back home is sleeping when I am awake and visa versa. Nothing is in English. I miss my frozen seafood because everything here has a head or tentacles. Not going there. I missed Halloween. Thank you to my friends who skyped me when they were together in costume. You all made it easier. There is a public transportation system here and I am not used to that. I need to learn because my feet are rebelling.

What I like here? I am meeting people and learning things. I learned new poses and I hope I can use them when I leave. I am on my own. No family to fall back on or friends. I am doing it. Nothing will conquer fears, self doubt and low self esteem better than that. Oh and I am an International Model. Yup I can even put it on my resume’.

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