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Modeling in Mexico City

Megan Lessard - Mexico CityHaving spent the last three months living in Mexico City. I learned a lot about Mexico and it’s culture and why more people need to visit this beautiful country.
The first thing I noticed about Mexico was the breathtaking scenery. Huge mountains stretching out in every direction hosting both forests and cities alike. As I was flying over, The city was not only the biggest city I had ever seen, but certainly the most colorful! After visiting one of the many huge parks just outside the city, I concluded that it was probably the most magical place I had ever been and I want to go back.

When I was first told I was going to Mexico, I had to admit I was terrified of the people who lived here. I was told never to wear anything but jeans and to always go outside with a friend. Who wouldn’t be scared? Though after my first month I realized that the people are much much nicer than most Americans that even live in my neighborhood! Mexican men are especially nice, helping others whenever they can from what I’ve seen. I have no idea why these people get such a bad rep in the states.
Another thing I noticed that particularly made me smile was the churches. Yeah I know I’m Jewish but hear me out on this one. Every single church has it’s own building in the traditional Catholic structure. There are no “schoolhouse” churches and there are certainly no strip mall churches like there are in America. They treat their religion with respect and even those who have a differing religion are welcome into the church with open arms. I felt no negativity in these beautiful buildings and nobody thought twice when they saw the star around my neck.

Megan Lessard - Mexico CitySo yeah, please visit Mexico when you get the chance!

What about modeling in Mexico? I have managed to book both commercial and editorial here. Being a shorter model was less of an issue as long as I stayed away from runway. There is lots of work. The pay is not great but that is because I am basing it on USA standards which are very different then here.

Living here I stayed in a small apartment with 10 other models. That has been very hard on me. I am not a very social person. Most models are very social. So I would say the apartment was the only negative.

I head home soon for 6 weeks. I will be back and forth for here. The agency will be putting me on the direct board. I made a huge decision. I am starting a fulltime class schedule in the Fall at FIT. I want a taste of the academic life. I will travel again in January going back to online classes.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me. My family, my friends, and my agent.

Model Morning with Cassidy Roney

Slenderbread: What is the first thing you think of when you open your eyes in the morning?
Cassidy: The first thing I think of when I open my eyes in the morning is “What do I need to do today?” If it’s a busy day I’ll usually jump right out of bed and start getting ready, if not I check my phone and browse for an hour.

SB: What is the first thing you do?
CR: The first thing I do is put on my glasses, I’m blind as a bat!

SB: Do you like to sleep in or wake up early?
CR: I love to sleep in late. I feel so much more relaxed.

SB: What is your beverage of choice, coffee, tea or neither?
CR: A good cup of chai tea, hot or iced depending on the weather.

SB: Describe your favorite breakfast in detail.
CR: My favorite breakfast is chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and eggs. If I’m not feeling hungry in the morning my lighter favorite breakfast is a chai tea smoothie and some fruit.

Model Morning with Ashley Jada

With Vince Models

Ashley Jada Model Morning Vince Models
Slenderbread: What is the first thing you think of when you open your eyes in the morning?
Ashley: First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is open my window look outside and thank God for a new day with a fresh start.

SB: Do you like to sleep in or wake up early?
AJ: Depends on what day it is…but I love being up early…that way you have time to have a cup of coffee and relax before your day starts….to gather your thoughts and meditate on your dreams.

SB: What is your beverage of choice, coffee, tea or neither?
AJ: My favorite morning beverage is French pressed coffee. The ritual of making it; as well as the aroma are a good start to the day.

SB: Describe your favorite breakfast in detail.
AJ: My favorite breakfast is eggs Benedict. Not the healthiest choice, but most definitely yummy!

Team Work

Hello everyone! Wow 2015 has really made an impact so far, and I hope all of you are working hard. Sorry it has been a while but I have been so busy and as we speak I am on an extended stay in California. But I will save that for another day because I really have a lot of things to share.

I looked back on 2014 and am so thankful for all that has happened to me and all that have supported me. There are so many hard working individuals out there and I want to acknowledge some of them. Every great picture or video has a great team behind it and the success depends on a joint effort.

I recently shot a video/photo shoot with some amazing people. Titles “SWEAT”


I am going to take a couple blogs to tell you a little about each of them.

The photographs I can not show you yet, they are waiting for publication in the March issue of Elegant Magazine. But they were shot by Carlos Velez.

Carlos Velez is a 22 year old full time student at UCF majoring in Business Management and minor in Marketing. He began to love photography at the age of 12, where he found his passion in photography by constantly taking pictures of random things. In high school, he found a love for graphic design and got a DSL camera. People started noticing his work on social media and he started a little business taking pictures for friends. After high school, he took a couple years off to concentrate on college. In 2013 he rejuevinated his love for fashion photography and has been shooting ever since.

I asked him a few questions:

Whats your favorite style?

I feel like I’m still developing my style. I think it’s a little eclectic right now, so I’m working on really finding my signature style. I’m mostly attracted to the New York aesthetic.

Something you want people to know about you?

Overall I love what I do, and I LOVE working with people that enjoy what they do as much as I enjoy what I do.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I mainly focus on fashion photography. I sometimes dabble in commercial fashion photography when an agency requires it, but my true passion is high fashion and New York style editorial work.

Carlos says in 5 years, he would like to see himself graduated and working in the industry in New York. I am sure you want to see more of Carlos work and follow his experiences. Check him out at :

Web: http://www.carlosvelezfoto.com

Insta: @carlosvelezfoto

Tumblr: http://www.carlosvelezfoto.tumblr.com

Video editorials are a big thing right now. They are bringing fashion to life. I love it, it allows you to interact with the concept. Now let me introduce you to the videographer Daniel Kuykendall. You may have seen some of my other video he has shot, he did my Wet Seal video!!

Daniel lives in Orlando with his lovely wife, Jess, and their adorable baby girl Scarlett!!

A few questions I asked Daniel:

How did you get started in photography?

In middle school my dad took me to Splendid China which had all these large miniatures of the great wonders of China. He taught me manual photography and forced perspective on his old film Konica SLR. I used those photos in a school project on China and everyone in the class thought I took a trip there. That was when I learned the power of a photography. I have been hooked ever since.

How long have you been taking pictures and videos?

Since middle school… so wow, 20 years….

What is your favorite style?

I don’t have a favorite but I can narrow it down for you. Landscape is meditative, wildlife is like addictive gambling, people are so unique and fun, advertising is so creative.

What is your dream job?

I am making it for myself right now. I am a creator, to be happy I have to produce something beautiful and functional. Photography has relieved that itch for the most part but last year I started a company focused on making hardware and iOS apps called BitTsar, Inc. It is part of my soul to create solutions for common problems.

Daniel says the most challenging thing about photography is the people, while at the same time he says that is his favorite part.

Daniels creativity has so much to offer please check out his amazing work

Daniel Kuykendall
Photos of the world: http://www.danielkuykendall.com

Model Photography: http://www.kplus9.com

Video Work: http://www.dkplus9.com

Instagram (iPhone pics only): dkplus9

Twitter: @dkplus9

Here is the link to the video: https://vimeo.com/channels/737358/115915126

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!! :)

The model in the video is the lovely Grace Corton. I am sure some of you already know her. She currently is in South Florida working hard and continuing her international model status. She is managed by Evolution Models and is represented by Front Model Management. I know you want to see more of her beautiful self and follow all her big adventures. This girl is amazing.

Instagram: @grace_corton

I gives me such pleasure when I travel with my book, to see how impressed people when I am able to tell them about the talented teams in Central Florida, Tampa, and Miami area. I don’t get a chance to tell you about each and everyone, but I try to always give credit. If you are looking for any professional in this industry from photographers, videoographers, hair and makeup, styling, studios, or models, please look back over my blogs. There are some unbelievable talented people who I am proud to tell you about. I want these couple blogs to give you a chance to get to know a little something about the people behind the greatness.

My next blog will continue with information about this talented team. I know you are going to love following and learning about each of them.


Be on Your A-Game

Photo by Shannon Bray.

Hi guys! I have been really busy lately doing a couple of commercials, a hair show and some print work for some pretty big clients. I have been happily working and feel so thankful for my wonderful agencies and bookers that keep me busy. Something that helps me stay busy and working is going to castings and go-sees. I know we all wished we could have direct bookings for all of the gigs but it doesn’t always work like that. Castings are an integral part of the business and it is imperative that as models we bring our A-game so we can book the gig we are casting for. In this post I’ll be sharing how I get ready for a successful casting.

Know the client – Doing some research on the client is important as it can give you an advantage in knowing the type of work they do and who they might want to hire. My agencies are great at letting me know who the client is and when they don’t give me much information, I have no problem in asking. A quick search on the event, their product and previous work can help you be better prepared.

Be confident – It is important to show the potential client that you are the perfect girl (more…)

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