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Kaufman Franco + Surface Magazine

Jade-Willoughby-City of Hope Show

City of Hope Show

I had the honor of walking for Kaufman Franco City of Hope Charity show at the Plaza hotel in New York City. I went into hair almost immediately. I personally love being in hair because I just watch Netflix. When I am in makeup, I listen to some music, more often than not surfing Soundcloud and Hypem.

There is something that I can do no justice to describe or explain. It’s a feeling that is rooted deep to your core, an almost inhuman otherworldly feeling. It comes from living your dream.

It’s in the minutes before a show is about to start, and you are backstage lined up. You look around and see every model transformed into a vision. The entire team is standing by. A pin could drop and you would hear it at times. It’s in the moments, a glimpse in the mirror and your heart stops. The approval of the designer and final adjustments from the team, and then comes the silence of the show. The time where nothing but breathe is heard, posture is perfected and we move single file, one by one to the front of the line. The que is given and………….. It’s a rush that cannot be duplicated or even understood but rather felt.


Surface Magazine Editorial BTS


Revival of The Spirit


Reunited after a Year – you can see the slow progress from strangers to siblings.
That’s true love & soul mates.

It has certainly been a minute, but I am officially settled and into my second week back in New York City. I recently took some time to travel back home and share my story with the community of Fort William First Nation at their economic development conference.

This opportunity lead me to feel blessed with completely humbling moments. In partnership with the Thunder Bay Regional Multi Cultural Youth Center, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the students of DFC (Dennis Franklin Cromarty), which is operated by Northern Nishnawbe Education Council. The NNEC is directed by the Chiefs of the 24 Sioux Lookout District First Nations. It was established in 1978 as an essential part of the movement for First Nations to develop administrative capacity to take over the boarding program for students of the Sioux Lookout District attending grades 9 through 12 outside their communities.

While they were all dear to my heart, my most loved was being invited to share my story with Nishnawbwe Aski Development Fund as a guest of my mother.
It was such an uplifting experience to see her glow with pride and to know that as a daughter I could do that. That after all the hardships this woman had endured for me, I could show her the person, I am constantly growing to become. (more…)

Body Time


The past week has been an unreal emotional and personal experience. All I’m really going to say is I’m looking forward to April, but for now I’m focused on my present self.

Recently, I have been asked, “What do you do to maintain/achieve your body?”

On top of other personal care routines, I workout with a specific regime to suit my needs. I regularly attend Fluidity 3-4 times a week. This class combines the best movements of ballet barre, dance, yoga and therapeutic movements to tone and elongate muscles. I work to improve total body strength, flexibility and balance.
I also practice heated vinyasa, which is hot yoga with emphasis on linking breathes with movement, strength and form. I enjoy taking these classes because I know what it’s like to have a body that won’t work despite your deep wishes.

What I wanted this to lead into is a very personal topic. It is a familiar issue, but I am now on the reverse spectrum. Skinny shaming or skinny bashing, an often-unaddressed issue facing woman and young lady’s from all walks of life.

I went into renal failure at 12 years old, and I can replay that moment in my mind like it was yesterday. I remember feeling the hurt and seeing the fear because my life was so close to ending. Knowing that life is so precious I must speak freely and follow my family crest, Verite San Peur: “Truth Without Fear”.

It may seem like nothing but it’s an everyday unknowingly committed assault. It lingers physiologically, scaring in a way that warps perceptions, which to my understanding makes it an abuse and an affront on that person.

This common occurrence touches my life routinely. I have seen it affect my smallest sister. Who is naturally just a very petite young lady. I have heard of her being bullied and being physically harmed, and the very real tears I wipe away, when I listen to my sisters tell my about their hardships. (more…)

South Moon Under and Puma

Sun Moon Under Spring 2014Click here to view the South Moon Under Lookbook 2014 video filmed in Puerto Rico.
This entry may seem a bit chaotic in terms of content, and I do apologize in advance. Working in this industry, I have learned to be in three places at once and multi task beyond all logical reason. Although, I will admit the three places at once is a bit of an exaggeration but honestly speaking, not by much.

But I digress; this was a heavenly-paced week compared to the previous one. The madness of fashion week castings, which at its most intense included 10-15 castings a day, left me at my whit’s end in one particular case. I was on the phone with my mother agent crying because I was so overwhelmed. Oh yes, I still do that!! Calling one of my “moms” is one of my finer points because it gives me that proverbial kick in the behind that, let’s be honest, I need (sometimes).

Jade Willoughby South Moon Under Video

Jade Willoughby | South Moon Under | Spring 2014 Lookbook Video

Being a model is, in my belief, one of the greatest storytelling jobs in the world. It is a transformation that occurs the moment you walk through the doors. It is my job to become the literal translations of a dream brought to life by an entire team. My mother came to a shoot with me once, and when we wrapped she told me I “became a different person”.

This was the first time I became aware of my craft and how, perhaps due to the life my illness gave me, I was better able to change myself. Growing up with the conditions of my illness, I was very isolated because I had to be for my own protection. I grew up watching and observing people. Movies, stories and books were my constant companions. (more…)

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