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Wet Seal Model Search

484691_524260124303690_1968876828_nWhat are the chances of being selected out of 15,000 entries during a national model search? Five in 15,000, and I am one of those five. Here is the short version of the story. Wet Seal clothing started its contest with a bio and picture entry about six months ago. I was trying not to think too hard about it since the chances were slim, but when my phone went off from an email saying I made it into the top 100, I couldn’t breathe and my emotions were all over the place! Little did I know, entering the contest would be a life changing experience. The second step in the contest was to make a video about myself explaining why I should be a 2013 Wet Seal Model Search winner and post it to YouTube. Daily social media voting on our profiles determined who would be in the top 25. Besides bugging people I know to vote for me, I also bugged people I don’t know and people I will never know. It all paid off, and I made it! Wet Seal and NEXT Model Management chose the five winners to fly out to the headquarters in Los Angeles, California for a meeting and photo shoot. I was so excited that my bags were packed within five minutes of receiving the call!

A month later I boarded a plane and took my first trip across the US. I felt like a little kid again with my mommy by my side. I was thrilled, thankful and unknowing for what was going to happen during the trip. Through the Wet Seal contest, I was provided a personal manager. He set up meetings for me to visit some of the top talent agencies on the west coast. As soon as the plane landed, we rented a car and headed straight to my first appointment. As we drove through LA, I could not even describe the experience in words, except maybe… OMG! It was all happening so fast. We made it to four appointments in one day, taking 45 minutes to go nine miles! (Are you kidding me?) As a result of the appointments, I am now represented on the west coast by one of the best talent agents in the US, but that’s a story we can go into more later.

The next day we went to the Wet Seal headquarters. We were greeted at the door with a huge banner saying “Welcome 2013 Wet Seal Model Search Winners” with all five of our names on the bottom. My new family members come from all across the US, Hawaii, NYC, Atlanta and Oregon. Did I mention the people working at Wet Seal have to be the absolute coolest people ever? Well, let me tell you they are top notch, class A, genuine people. Our two days together between our fittings, meeting, photo shoots and dinner made an impact in my life that I will be grateful for forever. In mid-September go to your local Wet Seal clothing store to check out the pictures and videos from the experience with myself and my new family. Their clothes are really cute too!

It just goes to show that life can give you so many opportunities and so many unexpected adventures. Always reach for the unreachable because you never know just what you might grab. All it took for me was sending in a picture and hoping for the best. This is a new beginning and my first big chapter.

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